Willkommen to Dresden

At Dresden, we do things differently. We’ve designed our own modular glasses system and manufacture our own unique sustainable frames. They’re playful, durable, and super affordable.

No Women’s, Men’s or Kid’s, simply modular parts in four sizes, in a riot of colours with top notch lenses. Create your own colour combo – as classic, understated or bright as you like.

Readers, progressives, sunnies, prescription glasses & sunnies? We do the lot, without silly mark-ups. Complete prescription glasses and sunnies from just $49.

See our highly qualified optometrists or bring us your existing prescription.

We’ll cut your lenses and assemble your glasses in-store so you can see how simple and Schnell it is. No secret labs. No white coats. No great mystery.

The Dresden frame system

We’ve designed a modular system so everything’s interchangeable: the high-quality lenses, the frame fronts, locking pins and arms. We make our frames out of an ultra durable, recyclable, and beautifully comfortable, lightweight nylon. Plus we’re doing all sorts of creative things with upcycling waste materials.

+ Choose your color or colors.
Don’t hold back. This is as close as you’ll get to being that kid in the candy store, with something for everyone.

+ Snap in a pair of pins.
No fiddly screwdrivers needed – just press them in and out with a satisfying snap to assemble your frames. They couldn’t be easier to change.

+ Pop any type of lens in.
Changing lenses takes a bit of practice and nimble fingers, but it’s simple once you’ve mastered it. Push one lens out, click another back in.

Here’s what you get with the Dresden frame system:

Complete glasses in 15 minutes
We stock a range of powers of single vision lenses. We cut your lenses and assemble your glasses on-the-spot in our workshops.

Premium lenses
Unmatchable quality. All Dresdens are fitted with precision lenses.

Straight from the manufacturer
The frames are our design and are made by us (yes, really!) in Australia.

Lifetime warranty
Forget 1 or 2 year warranties. Our frames are for the long haul.

Free spare pins anytime
Want to change colours or need some replacements? Free anytime.

Our story

Let’s face it, glasses are annoying. You lose them, you break them. You scratch them. You forget them. They’re fragile, expensive and hopelessly inconvenient. Our founders, Bruce and Jason, are frustrated glasses-wearers wanted glasses that were more functional, versatile and dependable … [read more]

We make our own frames

A desire to be closer to manufacturing has been fundamental in shaping Dresden. Our frames are designed and made by us in a zero waste, closed loop system. We injection mould a fully recyclable nylon which is ultra durable and beautifully lightweight and are also experimenting with recycled plastics.