What’s going on with your eyesight, and importantly, your eye health?

We’re creating the best eye health care with the latest high tech gear, access to exceptional optometry, and cloud-based systems to share your care with your GP and medical specialists. 

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What happens when you come to see the optometrist?

Firstly, the optometrist will discuss your vision and visual needs in detail, along with your eyes’ history and any relevant general health and family history. Then they will perform a thorough refraction and work with you on a final prescription that meets your needs. Your eyes will be examined inside and out and your intraocular pressures will be measured.

We don’t usually need any old prescriptions, but bringing your existing glasses is a big help.

Comprehensive consultation $80

Eye exams can be claimed with all insurers.

Who is covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)?

Anyone aged 19 and under or 65 and over are automatically covered by OHIP for a yearly eye exam.

Additionally, anyone diagnosed with diabetes, glaucoma, or cataracts (amongst other conditions) are also automatically covered by OHIP for a yearly eye exam. Find the full list of covered conditions here.

If you don’t fall under any of the listed categories but believe your eye exam should by covered by OHIP, your family doctor may write you a referral using the Request For Major Eye Examination form. >Download form

Want Dresden glasses and have an existing prescription?

If you have a current prescription from elsewhere, bring it in or email it to littleitaly@ca.dresden.vision. Alternatively, ask your optometrist to send it us and we’ll do the rest. Kein Problem.